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Whether it’s a chipped tooth or a cracked crown, our team at Tooth Aura Dental can take care of it without any hassle. Walk-in today for quick relief from dental problems, we are based in Brampton.

Emergency Dentist Brampton services from professional and qualified dentists:

Emergency Dentistry Brampton

Removal of a tooth sounds scary, and one might assume it to be very painful as well. Fear not, at Tooth Aura, you can place your trust in our dentists for a safe, reliable, and professional service at competitive prices.

Safe and quick Emergency Dentist in Brampton

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, contact the team at Tooth Aura today to book an appointment for a successful Emergency Dentist in brampton.

Taking care of chipped tooth, loose fillings and much more

Dental emergencies are not predictable, and when you are plagued by tooth problems at an odd hour, you may have no choice but to visit your local dental clinic. If you’re staying in Brampton, our team at Tooth Aura Dental can provide you with proper treatment and care even in the late hours of the night. You may have to visit our emergency dentists for any of the following reasons.

  • Cracked tooth: This can happen at any time; maybe you’re playing with your sibling or friends and in a tussle, your tooth gets knocked out. If you quickly visit the dentist, and if the tooth is not too damaged then it can be reattached. However, you will have to visit a dentist within two hours of the accident.
  • Chipped teeth: Your teeth can be chipped while you eat any type of hard food item that’s difficult to chew. It can also happen due to trauma or any injury. If you ignore this, the damaged part can chip away further and the tooth may need to be replaced by an artificial one. If you don’t want that, hire our emergency dentists today!
  • Loss of crown and filling: If the crown or filling does come out, it exposes the cavity part of your teeth making it vulnerable to infection. You can prevent this by visiting our emergency dentists at Tooth Aura Dental.
  • Toothache: This is one of the most common reasons behind visiting an emergency dentist. There can be several reasons and some of them might require immediate care else the condition can lead to tooth infection.

These are the reasons it’s very important to maintain oral hygiene. You can contact us and our team can give a complete routine on how you can keep your teeth in great condition. So go ahead.

Here are some tips on how to manage dental emergencies

Emergency Dentist Brampton

Before you reach the dentist, here are some tips on how you can manage the pain.

  • If your tooth has been knocked out, touch the tooth at the crown and not the root. If you touch the root it can make matters a bit messy.
  • If the tooth is crooked, then do not try to force it back into the pocket, avoid any activity to move the tooth at all.
  • For a fractured jaw, apply ice as it can reduce the swelling.
  • If you have lost a filling, you can put a piece of sugarless gum at the post; this would protect the area for a while

Tooth Aura Dental is available at your service 24/7, 365 days a year, hire our emergency dentist for quick relief.

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